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Published 5/1/2024

NOISIA, by Nico23 aka Nicolas Robert, is a long-form generative art project rooted in the artist's past experiences in underground electronic music and the flowfield art.

Distinguishing itself through the exclusive use of straight lines and simple forms, NOISIA aims to transcend the boundaries between artistic expression and technology. At the core of the project lies the manipulation of colors to create plays of light, thus transporting the viewer into a captivating visual universe.

In the midst of NOISIA's exploration, there emerges a fascinating combat between curves and angular forms, accentuated by techniques like extrusion.

The interplay between algorithmic parameters and the artist's aesthetic choices enables the creation of artworks that evolve organically, inviting the viewer into a contemplative exploration of light and form.

Through NOISIA, I aim to craft an immersive experience where beauty arises from the simplicity and harmony of visual elements. Avoiding complex formulations, the project focuses on the essence of artistic expression, inviting everyone to discover the magic of colors and shapes in a digital context.

Inspired by the history of underground art and the dynamics of flowfields, this collection celebrates experimentation and authenticity. By embracing a multidimensional approach to art, NOISIA offers a sensory experience that resonates with a modern audience.

📗 Features Review :

Live view is responsive : resize window for redraw at size.

In live view, press 1-9 key for save a current size x multiplier with texture.

In live view, press &-ç key for save a current size x multiplier without texture.

High Res files also available on the live view. Add the width you want.

For rebuild art from smartcontract :

1/ read contract

2/ call the query html function with your token id.

3/ copy-paste the string in a text file and name it index.html.

4/ open this file, your art is on live view and eternal