I am an artist exploring the repetitive methods inherited from electronic music composition. My artistic expression finds its essence in the underground world, where I try share intense sensations and convey profound messages through my art. My artistic approach is resolutely accessible. I appreciate the use of simple elements in my creations, giving rise to a raw and unfiltered aesthetic. Tirelessly, I seek the state of visual trance, that hypnotic experience that transports viewers into a state of fascination and contemplation. I enjoy playing with textures, and forms, creating dynamic visual compositions that captivate the observer's attention. My artistic vision is deeply influenced by the underground culture and alternative movements. I draw inspiration from raw emotions and social realities, highlighting contemporary issues. My art is a tool of expression, which I hope sparking reflection, generating dialogue, and instigating change. As an artist, I derive unwavering pleasure from pushing boundaries and exploring new perspectives. My work resembles a constant journey through the multiple facets of the human experience, with an aesthetic that may sometimes seem bewildering, yet consistently aims to engage the viewer in a visual conversation. I tirelessly continue to explore new paths for my art, blending influences from electronic music and contemporary art, in order to create visual experiences. I warmly welcome you to my creative universe!