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Published 11/28/2023

*Snow globe is a small, decorative object that is typically made of glass and contains a miniature scene. Inside the globe, there is often a model of a landscape or a scene. When the globe is shaken,small particles resembling snowflakes fall and settle on the scene, giving the appearance of a snowstorm.

*The "Snow Globe" is an interactive and animated project that allows movement through the use of keyboard keys(A,D,W,S). You can navigate inside the project using the W, S, A, D keys, allowing movement upward, downward, right, and left. Furthermore, you can explore the environment from various angles by moving the mouse.

*Note that to create interactivity, you need to click once on the canvas with the mouse.

*In each variations, you can observe various elements, including houses, mills, trees, gardens, cafes, cars, and etc. Each of these elements is designed 3D, and you can examine them closely.

wish you luck, and I hope you enjoy navigating through the Snow Globe.