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Remnants of Humanity

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Published 8/12/2023

Don’t get tricked by the allure of these cookie cutter homes. This is our dark future.

After centuries of ignoring the warning signs, humanity has abandoned a wounded Earth to make a new home among the stars. We now float through space in artificial habitats, huge metal cylinders of our own design, a simulacrum of the environments we once knew.

We thought our technology was good enough to recreate the homeworld we gave up, but the artificiality of our manmade ecosystem always seems to shine through. Sterile landscapes that fail to replicate the intricate beauty and delicate balance of the natural world.

Now generations have been born and raised in this mimic land. And as the years pass, memories of once lush forests, sprawling meadows, and vibrant wildlife turn to faint echoes. Humanity’s connection to Earth's history grows ever more distant.

As we adapt to this existence defined by our technology and our isolation from nature, the very essence of what it means to be human has slowly eroded. Can you feel it?

And in our perpetual escape, refugees sailing the seven stars, how do we awaken from our synthetic stupor to rebuild and rediscover the home that we lost?

Kira0, July 2023. Created with p5js.