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Published 7/26/2023

Your MOMENTA mint will never look the same twice.

What sets "Momenta" apart from other generative art collections is it's ever changing nature. Every time a token is loaded, a new and original starting point is created, taking the viewer on a unique journey only they will ever experience.

The collection creates animations that evolve and transform in real-time, allowing viewers to witness the constant evolution of each piece.

MOMENTA is a deeply personal collection. The momentary quality of these works is intentional; I wanted to create a collection that captured the essence of daily experience, something that is always present but never fully seen. I believe this encapsulates the beauty of living in the present moment, where time stands still and each moment is a delicate dance of light and color.

Through MOMENTA, I want to remind us all of the beauty of our fleeting experiences the importance of living in the present moment.


  • press 's' to save a low def image
  • press 'h' to save a high def image
  • press 'u' to save an ultra high def image (might not work on all browser/device combinations)
  • press 't' to display the title and mint number
  • press 'f' to freeze the animation
  • press 'r' to resume the animation