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Machine Mythology

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Published 8/6/2023

Machine Mythology builds compositions with no regard for human representativity. The collection's aesthetic and figurative qualities depend entirely on the viewer.

Reacting to the symmetry and patterns that appear in an abstract canvas, we build up figures that do not exist. Confronted with chaos, we create meaning.

This collection's generator is entirely on-chain and has no external dependencies.

On a keyboard:

  • s – Toggle slow drawing
  • k or spacebar – Toggle kiosk mode (cycles to a new composition every X seconds)
  • and – Adjust kiosk cycle time
  • c – Manually cycle once
  • f – Flat rendering (two colors)
  • g – Grayscale rendering
  • o – Outlines rendering
  • w – Toggle surrounding writings
  • Esc – Reset kiosk & draw settings