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Published 12/22/2023

Diving Deep

In Intertwined, shadows reveal hidden depths and narratives, creating a world where colors collide and boundaries blur. Each stroke of light forms intricate patterns, guiding the sight inside several focal points.

Capturing fleeting moments, the piece, part of Dawn Contemporary, Alba's official gallery arm’s, third group show, invites contemplation of the intangible, as vibrant colors and shadows converge in a captivating dance. Viewers are invited to immerse themselves in the canvas.

Layered with a heavy texture, shades interact on the canvas, morphing and fusing, offering a compositional blend that transcends the two dimensions of the flat canvas.


Prints will be available in 2024 through the Alba website.


Lordof is a generative artist oscillating between Paris and Madrid. He graduated with a software engineering/AI degree and was always drawn to generative art. It was only after graduating that he started to get out of his comfort zone and started creating art. Although relatively new to the field, he is constantly learning and expanding his knowledge, and skills and is always curious to try different blends of techniques. He wants his work to be characterized by a unique perspective and a willingness to take risks, and openly be interpreted and connected to technology in a way that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in generative art. His current work is shaped by simple primitives, contrasted colors, and various distortions applied with shaders.