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Published 7/5/2023

"96", you can turn it around and look at it upside down. 96 are also the unique editions of "Hintperflections", a generative artwork embodying a delicate dance of image and reflection, reality and illusion. In this collection, the viewer embarks on a nuanced journey akin to deciphering Rorschach inkblots, each piece sparking a dialogue with the internal realm of emotions and conflicts.

Observers are encouraged to move beyond the conventional anchor of a vanishing point on a tilted horizon. The generated composition thus becomes a quiet space for introspection and imaginative exploration, an interactive dialogue with the artwork resembling the tranquility found in deep meditation.

Every edition presents a unique blend of similarities and differences, reflections and distortions. As familiar shapes evolve and new forms surface, you navigate between recognition and creation. The image subtly blurs the line between the tangible and the ethereal, nudging you towards a deeper exploration of the subconscious.

With its algorithms, "Hintperflections" is a reflection on the nuances of visual perception and personal interpretation. Each piece is a mirror, reflecting more than it conceals, instigating a dialogue about perception, reality, and introspection. Going beyond the mere role of observer, you become an integral part of the unfolding narrative, contributing to the dialogue between art and subjectivity.

Hintperflections is written in vanilla JS and GLSL

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