Finding the Way

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Published 4/24/2024

Finding the Way

Finding the Way is my attempt to visualize the life choices each person is presented with. The jumble of options, and thoughts, we must navigate as we try to find our way through it all.

Looking deep into my mind’s eye, Finding the Way emerged from a simple grid. Within that grid of cells, different fill effects appeared, and I explored how this tangle of lines worked at varying scales.

The first draft began to look like the topographical map of a city, some kind of abstract landscape, but the composition felt a little flat. So I introduced flow fields, as well as attractors and repellors to create points of white space, which made for more organic and dynamic outputs.

Colors are associated with particular emotional states. And the focal points in each piece are linked to personal challenges we might face. Other traits connect to the type of thoughts a person might have on a particular day.

If this were your path, can you see a way forward?

High-Resolution Downloads

I love big images that are not limited by the size of a screen (where we’re usually stuck seeing art these days). So, I’ve included an option to create high resolution image outputs that can be printed at large scale.

Pressing 1 to 9 will render the work at higher pixel densities. The maximum supported resolution is only limited by your computer’s capabilities. However, I've successfully generated up to keypress #9, resulting in a 13,000 x 16,250 pixel output. At that size you could make a massive 43 in x 54 in print (110 cm x 138 cm) with incredibly high detail/quality.


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