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FALLiNGWATER Published 6/20/2023

Inspired by Fallingwater, the iconic house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935, The Designers Republic incorporated its unique design elements into the album artwork for Autechre's 'Chiastic Slide'.

Just as an artist distills scenes into abstract images, a designer reduces function to abstract graphical forms. The Flatlands show presented an opportunity to merge this deconstructive approach to graphic design with the spontaneity of generative art. It's a nod to the moment when rudimentary software propelled experimental typography from zines to glossy publications like The Face, but with a twist of coding magic.

This synthesis reflects the project's overarching goal: to reinterpret the futurism of the past through the lens of the present, creating a nostalgic yet forward-looking exploration of design and technology.


Prints will be available from the ALBA site when that functionality gets added. A limited number of "Out of Band" artist's proofs may be available from Daniel's shop:


Daniel Catt, a pen plotter artist, fuses mathematics, technology, and design to generate captivating abstract art through code-driven algorithms and organic experimentation, challenging the boundaries of traditional artistic creation and contemporary print. You can find more information about FALLiNGWATER and other projects in the following places:

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