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Entry Through the Print Shop

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Published 6/23/2023

The Story:

Generative art is remarkable in provoking my mind to ponder ordinary impressions and phenomena, prompting an immediate question: "How can I translate this into code?"
In these moments, I find myself contemplating how to capture the essence of a leaf, recreate the dazzling play of sunlight, and even encode the intangible emotions I've just experienced.
Generative art provides a unique perspective that allows you to perceive the world through a different lens, and I derive immense pleasure from these endeavors.
Occasionally I'll dive right into the work, sometimes mulling over ideas for months before finally starting with a blank script. Some pieces grow into something more meaningful, and some find their place in a folder on my laptop without ever making it public.
This little project grew slowly over a long time, and I must admit that it almost ended up somewhere in my folder jungle. But thanks to the encouragement and feedback from friends and fellow artists, this project made it so far to be part of Alba's first curated series, "Flatlands."

I recall the beginning of this project. It happened on a Sunday morning in February while I mindlessly scrolled through my social media feeds. One video caught my attention: a guy printing a skull on a t-shirt using screen-printing. What fascinated me the most wasn't just the design itself but the charming little imperfections and slight irregularities that the method created.
Once again, one of those moments struck me, and without hesitation, I began wondering how to recreate the screen-printing technique and its unique imperfections using my generative tool kit. I quickly build the fundamental algorithm, completing it on the very same day. However, it took me four more months to explore the patterns, features, and color palettes that truly resonated with my vision.

The title "Entry Through the Print Shop" (ETTPS) pays homage to Banksy's renowned documentary "Exit Through the Gift Shop," a film that exposes the absurdities of the contemporary art scene (pre-NFT era). In addition, "Entry Through the Print Shop" holds great significance as it marks Alba's entry into the NFT realm with their first curated series, aptly named "Flatlands." With genuine excitement and anticipation, I look forward to having this project included in this exceptional series’ distinguished lineup of artists and artworks.

The Algorithm:

The algorithm employed in this project is entirely built using p5.js.
Inspired by the optical art movement that emerged in the 1960s, the patterns generated exhibit a strong affinity with the concept of flatness that defines this genre.
To create the images, multiple layers of single colors are meticulously stacked. The intentional offset between these layers often creates captivating moiré effects of varying dynamics and strengths. As different shades overlap, intriguing new colors emerge through their harmonious blending.
Each layer is intentionally printed with slight inaccuracies to impart a sense of authenticity and tangibility. These imperfections, including missing and over-spilled "paint," contribute to the overall appearance of the works, imbuing them with a genuine and tactile aesthetic.
The algorithm randomly selects one of fourteen ink combinations, each capable of evoking a distinct mood, feeling, and visual effect when seamlessly blending into one another. Furthermore, the background paper, available in nine tones ranging from Dutch to Floral White, plays a pivotal role in shaping the final image's overall perception, with each tone leaving a unique impact on its visual appearance.

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