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Published 8/7/2023

The inspiration for Enigmatik came from a recent trip I took with some friends to the southern region of Argentina, where we camped for a few days by a lake nestled among the mountains and near a couple of rivers. I found the atmosphere of those landscapes fascinating during the nights. One of those nights, a friend and I saw a strange light in the sky and joked about whether it was a UFO. That's when I imagined that light settling in the middle of the lake and how it would illuminate the surrounding landscape (Though if I’m honest, it was probably just an Iridium flare).

My work often explores the balance between the explicit and the hidden. The "world behind" represents what is concealed: underlying emotions and subtleties, perhaps influenced by deep memories or unrecognized realities. On the other hand, the "world ahead" portrays our immediate reality, illuminated and defined by the central figure. The shape acts as a bridge between these two realms, inviting the viewer to look beyond the obvious and delve into the depths of their own perception and understanding.

The central figure, ambiguous in nature—be it alien, supernatural, or a portal—serves as a symbol of the unknown and the latent spaces that reside within our reality. Its luminosity amidst the darkness embodies both disruption and enlightenment, challenging viewers to ponder on the hidden realms and untapped potentials that lie just beyond their perception.

It is a direct and visible representation of latent forces, but deeper within the artwork, I've embedded hidden intricacies. The "infinite portal" reflection is one such element, acting as a concealed loop of reality that might only be noticed upon close examination. The progressive rendering effects also hide meticulous details, which blur and sharpen the edges of perception. And while the central figure demands immediate attention, these concealed layers beckon viewers to revisit the scene, each time discovering something previously unnoticed, thus emulating the essence of what it means to uncover the "latent" in our surroundings.

I think that to look at this piece it's like that first time you step into an epic landscape at night — it just hits you in the gut. It reminds me of what I felt when I saw while camping at that incredible spot in Patagonia, feeling that mix of awe and "what am I doing here?". It's tough to put into words, but it's that feeling of being face-to-face with something huge and mysterious. I hope this artwork gives off that vibe, capturing those moments where you're left speechless, where visuals do the talking because words just can't.


I want to dedicate this piece to my friend Agus Pixel, who was one my guides during our camping adventure at Paimun Lake in Junín de los Andes, and also provided invaluable support on Discord during the long coding sessions for this piece.