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Boundary Issues

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Published 6/29/2023

Boundary Issues is a representation of my fascination with polarities. I am drawn to the tension between order and chaos, flatness and depth, unity and freedom. Through this series, I aim to capture the essence of minimal maximalism, where simplicity and complexity combine in a visually interesting way.

The project has been in development for almost a year, and has undergone numerous transformations as I experimented with different design elements. The intuitive challenge was finding and staying true to its unique voice. What was I really trying to say, and how well did those elements support it?

The title of the series is both a reflection of my personal journey and a playful description of the project's design, including the outlines extending into the margin, the animation shifting between contraction and expansion, and the composition feeling sometimes awkward, off-balance, or overcrowded.

Boundary Issues is written in GLSL and vanilla JS. For more information about this series, see the project writeup.

High-resolution images are available upon request.


Palette - One of 30 unique palettes
Dark Mode - Swaps lightest and darkest colors
Large Shape - Circle, Triangle, Square, or Hexagon
Medium Shape - Circle, Triangle, Square, or Hexagon
Small Shape - Circle, Triangle, Square, or Hexagon
Placement - One of 14 offset patterns for the large shapes


R - Reset animation
T - Toggle paper texture
[Space] - Pause/resume animation

Attributions and Thanks

Boundary Issues uses functions from MIT-licensed code:

PCG prng by Riccardo Scalco
Smooth min function by Inigo Quilez
Cubic in-out easing function from glslify

Thanks to the GenArtClub for invaluable support, feedback, and inspiration.
Special thanks to Haiver for tireless efforts towards making the Flatlands show a reality.